Amrop Turkey

As executive search consultants, Amrop Turkey has been providing consultancy and advice to its clients since 1996 to help meet their leadership requirements, not only candidates.

The Amrop Turkey’s client service is distinguished by its focus on the assessment of leadership, and scientific and systematic search methodology which is registered as its own trademark in 2004 as the 360° Executive Search in Turkey (360 derece Beyinavı).


Amrop Turkey is committed to meeting client needs with precision and handles a large client base, of which 64% are multinational firms. Experience has been gained in system set-up as well as building new market-entry organizations from scratch. Over the last twenty years, Amrop Turkey has developed a heavier concentration on Marketing and Sales leadership positions followed by General Management roles, which would be CEO/COO/General Managers/Managing Directors/Country Managers, and Board Members. Non-executive Board Members have been our specialty. Currently Amrop Turkey focuses on technology and digitalization and is actively leading Chief Digitalization Officer roles, guiding and advising the board on issues related to software, hardware, infrastructure, internet, digital, online. Focusing on Digitization on Boards, Chairman Experiences, Perceptions and Views, Amrop Turkey is supporting the C-Suite Leaders in implementing a digital agenda within their organizations.

An executive may possess outstanding skills, intelligence and experience, but without the ability to demonstrate leadership behaviour they will not succeed in bringing sustainable growth and change to their organization. Amrop Istanbul leadership assessment process provides an assessment which even evaluates the nuances of each executive thoroughly. Backed by extensive worldwide industrial and functional expertise, Amrop Istanbul consultants use their knowledge to broaden client perspectives and challenge the status-quo in their mission to find the type of executive needed to propel the business forward.

The incorporation of leadership assessment and search procedures allows Amrop Istanbul to effectively identify leadership potential and  the 360° search procedures Amrop Istanbul continuously improves its internal service quality.

In Turkey, as on all assignments, we focus all our efforts on ensuring an excellent standard of client service, timely delivery and high quality candidates. We seek open and honest dialogue with both clients and candidates throughout the process, challenge clients on their requirements and offer valuable advice to candidates on their future careers. We provide consultancy and advice to our clients, not just the candidates. Amrop uses its trade market methadology of sourcing candidates in order to identify the best in class professionals. As we believe in a long-term partnership with our clients, After the completion of the projects, Amrop follows up on the satisfaction of both the Client Company and the hired professionals after 3, 6 and 9 months.