Board Search - A Case Study

The long-serving Chairman of a long established, FMCG company with world-recognized brands retired and a new, much younger, Non-Executive Chairman was appointed. At the time, the firm was conducting a search for a Chief Executive and was asked to review the balance and structure of the Board in response to the future requirements of this rapidly growing business.

The average age of the organization’s Independent Directors was over 65, they were all based in one city, had little international involvement, limited direct FMCG experience and none were women. Over the following five years, through a careful programme of replacement, a complete change of Directors was achieved. Amrop advised on the balance of skills and experience needed, identified potential candidates, assessed their interest and, ultimately, introduced them when they were not known to existing Directors. Today, the organization’s Board represents a range of ages and tenures, and an effective program of renewal has been established. The current Board comprises Directors with significant overseas experience and a balance between corporate and professional backgrounds. There is now also a high quotient of high calibre female Directors amongst the members.

Local Holding Company, Logistics Subsidiary – Two Independent Board Members

One of the prestigious Turkish Company approached Amrop Turkey with the need for recruiting two Independent Board Members (one Turkish and one foreign) that would be assigned for its Logistics subsidiary. In collaboration, Amrop Turkey and two top executives of the client (The Executive Board Member and Deputy General Manager) conducted a briefing section to comprehend the need and expectation of these two Independent Board Members.

In the assignment, Amrop Turkey was assigned to place Board level candidates with an experience as General Manager. The candidates are expected to be working in a sector apart from Logistics but to have had an experience in it before.

Amrop Turkey defined a search strategy as focusing on the Board level professionals working in multinational and prestigious companies both in Turkey and abroad. A detailed A to Z research was conducted within the top level candidates working in different sectors but with previous logistics know-how.

In five week period, Amrop shortlisted and presented suitable candidates who had the mentioned competencies. The assignment was completed with the recruitment of two candidates (one Turkish and one foreign) as Independent Board Members. Especially the foreign candidate placed added a value to the client thanks to the previous executive role in Turkey and in the other developing countries while the selected Turkish candidate contributed to our client with his success in a logistics company that was profitably expanded while he acted as General Manager.

This assignment illustrates how Amrop Turkey provides a real business consultancy at the board level and C suit positioning. In such a short period, that Amrop provided the two Board Members by understanding the real need of the client with which Amrop has a longlasting relationship and delivers a perfect solution is an indicator for Amrop Turkey’ s success in Board level.