Board Services: Making the Board a True Strategic Asset to Management

The expectations placed on boards by shareholders, regulators, the capital markets and other stakeholders have never been greater as it has been today. Boards have placed increased emphasis on the governance process, including the selection of the board and the CEO. Amrop Turkey provides CEOs, Boards and nominating committees with objective assessment and counsel in order to help the Boards identify the range of qualities they need in their Board Members and then compare that benchmark against the current Board.

Amrop Turkey contributes to establish an understanding about how the global changes in doing business affect the range of competencies, experiences and perspectives needed around their boardroom table so that the Board can serve as a true strategic asset to management. This analysis in return provides a framework to use in evaluating director candidates. Amrop consultants can then tailor the search process to find directors with the needed qualities, drawing upon a global network that reaches far beyond the “usual suspects” to identify board members with unusual—and strategically valuable—combinations of experiences and perspectives.

Using a context driven approach and working in partnership with clients that enable us to gain a deep understanding of the strategy and commercial positioning of the organization at hand, Amrop Consultants help ensure that the board is composed of the necessary strategic and technical skills to guide the organization. Our approach takes into account the needs of the business and corporate governance practices to deliver regulatory-effective and compliant boards. Our extensive network allows us to look beyond the usual pool of names to find executives who meet the desired criteria; we then work closely with the chair/nominating committee in the assessment process and in facilitating the acceptance of board nomination by the finalist candidate.

Amrop Turkey works with existing boards as well as helping start-up organizations set up suitable boards of directors that are both appropriate to the aims and core business of the company as well as being compliant with governance rules and regulations. Moreover, we recognized that a qualified and active supervisory or advisory board may dramatically improve a company's business success.

The following Board Services / Consulting are offered by Amrop Turkey:

  • Board Search
  • Board Review
  • CEO Mentoring

Board Search

Our Board Consulting services help ensure that an organization's Board is composed of an appropriate balance of non-executive directors in terms of skills, experience and representation, as well as having an awareness and interest in governance issues.

Our Process for searching non-Executive Directors are composed of:

  • Diagnostic Stage: Work with the Chairman and other nominated Board Members and understand business strategy, actıvıtıes, business environment, governance principles etc.
  • Drafting of Specifications: Agree with the client on profile of skills, personal attributes, experience profile to be sought.Research Phase: Using search technıques draw up profiles of potential candidates who are appropriate and available.
  • Pre-selection: Agreement with the client on who should be progressed further.
  • Candidate Development & Interview Assistance: Discreet approach to the potential candidates.
  • Ensuring Success: An assignment is only undertaken where the proposition of bringing a new Director onto the board is feasible

Board Review

In order to assist the board chair to build and sustain boards with the competencies and qualities needed in today’s complex business environment and to maintain the board as a fully strategic asset, we design and conduct board evaluation programs that provide the board chair with an objective view of the overall board as well as individual performance.A rigorous board review program ensures a common boardroom culture, an open atmosphere and set of standards.

A Board Review consists of five phases:

  • It starts with an interview with the chairman where the questionnaire is defined, timetable and the format of the final report is decided.
  • Preparation of the Board Review questionnaire is a strategic challenge for the board. The questions used during a Board Review are mainly chosen from our library and structured under the headlines from our board efficiency model: Structure, People and Process. In addition, other qualitative questions, relevant for the specific board are added.
  • As the next step, this set up is presented for the board as a whole.
  • After that, interviews are carried out with each board member separately and these are evaluated. These interviews are actually individual discussions with each board member concerning structure, processes and personalities in the board.
  • The results are analyzed and compiled before the final report is presented for the chairman and the board. Presentation of the results are naturally done in a neutralized form, first to the chairman and then to the entire board. The final report includes also recommended actions.

CEO Mentoring

Our process of mentoring CEOs aim to significantly improve their success as well as their leadership skills.

Our mentoring programme, that occurs with strict confidentiality, enables candidates to raise issues they may not feel comfortable raising internally with the Chairman or other Directorsand aims to encourage to explore key issues and the opportunity to gain deeper insight and understanding

Mentoring can play a central role in helping individuals and organisations when there is a new CEO within the organization as well as having s strong succession plan for the other C-Level professionals within the organizastion. It also helps to develop the leadership capacity and capability of senior managers into broader, more strategic leadership roles within the organisation.