Agriculture Company – Country Director

Amrop Turkey had worked in the Agriculture industry before and previously completed a very challenging assignment for a US-based client with a start-up operation in Turkey.

In the assignment, Amrop Turkey had sought a highly technical professional in a very specialized area by setting up a unique search strategy. After successfully completing this assignment, a Europe-based international client of Amrop contacted the Turkey office seeking a Country Director position. Due to the client company’s lack of experience in the region, the company was seeking such a position to lead the range of products by finding the right partners to distribute in a sustainable way.

The new Country Director would be responsible for analyzing the potential market and create a strategic plan, selecting companies to collaborate with them in addition to being responsible for the commercial and technical support. The client had been seeking such a professional for a long time and tried other search companies. Finally, the client decided to work with Amrop in Turkey. The challenge was to find such a technical professional with sales experience in all regions of Turkey with the leadership skills necessary to build up the entire business line within a very short space of time in this geographical area.

For this assignment, Amrop Turkey targeted the sales departments of multinational and local companies operating in the agricultural industry, including distributors, but the major strategy also involved contacting research institutions, universities and consultants in the agricultural industry in order to reach the most suitable candidate recommendations for the position.

During the search, visits were conducted to seven regions throughout Turkey to seek out the best professionals, and 4 candidates, all with direct experience in the field that the client operates, were identified after focusing on Turkey’s major agricultural regions. Most impressively, the shortlist was prepared in the space of 5 weeks (2 weeks longer than our average) as the search covered all of Turkey. Two of the candidates were selected by the client and the candidate with the right sales experience backed by a strongest technical know-how was finally selected.

After Amrop Turkey completed such a challenging assignment, the client sought to continue to work with Amrop Turkey while expanding their business in Turkey.