Consumer FMCG Giant Group – President & Vice President &General Manager

Amrop was assigned to find a General Manager for one of the leading business units of the international Consumer FMCG giant company in Turkey. The challenge for the client was to identify the “future leader of the organization” who would fit the company culture quickly and to assume larger responsibilities in the mid-term. The General Manager was expected to have inspiring leadership approach harmonized with his sound commercial mind-set and FMCG know-how. 

Accordingly, in collaboration with the client, Amrop Turkey defined the search strategy as focusing on the professionals working in multinational and prestigious local companies in FMCG (food and non-food) and other relevant industries such as Retailing and Telecommunications. Depending on the size of the organizations, Amrop Turkey targeted the Vice Presidents, General Managers and Commercial Directors of the companies. A detailed search was conducted within the expatriate top level Turkish executives in international assignments of FMCG companies all around the world.

For this assignment, Amrop Turkey visited the two top level executives of the client who has spent successful long years in the organization. Amrop Turkey conducted a briefing session with them to identify the main competencies and technical know-how for the long-term success of the senior executives in the client organization. After these briefing sessions, Amrop Turkey realized that the long-term leader of the organization tends to be entrepreneurial, flexible, loyal, committed and down-to-earth besides being extremely strong in sales and marketing management in multi-channel commercial organizations.

Accordingly; Amrop Turkey extended the headhunting search strategy by including the entrepreneurial top level executives of the companies owned by Private Equity organizations and long-term successful top level professionals of the family owned companies.

In five weeks period, Amrop shortlisted and presented 6 interested and suitable candidates who have the mentioned competencies. The client recruited two of these candidates as General Managers of two different business units even though they just wanted to recruit one in the beginning.  After a year period, one of these selected candidates has been promoted as Vice President of the business unit while the other one is acting as the President of three crucial business units of the Group.

This assignment illustrates how Amrop exceeds the expectations of the client by delivering the perfect and long-term fit for the organization by reading between the lines through its client orientation, C-suite positioning and strong sector know-how and know-who especially in Consumer Goods industry.