Major Internet Company – Marketing Manager

In 2010, a major global Internet Company, approached Amrop Turkey and requested a local search for a Marketing Manager position, who would assume regional responsibility in the future. The potential candidate would be responsible for planning and executing major B2B initiatives for Turkey, positioning and recruiting small and medium advertisers through efficient ROI-based campaigns.

For this research we have targeted international management consultancy companies, interactive agencies as well as suppliers. On top of these we focused on strategy driven marketing professionals with experience and genuine interest into digital marketing in different sectors such as FMCG, banking, telecommunication, retail, media, e-commerce and internet technologies in order to find the right professional. We have also administered case studies to identify the right candidate and demonstrate their level of market and marketing understanding to the client.

The major challenge of the project was to find the right-fit candidate in a fresh new sector in Turkey, accordingly the search also included Turkish professionals working at the digital companies worldwide, as well as the alumni lists of the top US and European universities. Amrop’s priceless contribution was to spot the right talent with the potential and competencies to execute the role as expected by our client.