Media Company - CFO & CMO

In 2007, a major Turkish Media Holding approached Amrop Turkey for concerning a possible acquisition of a UK listed Media Company which was predominantly conducting business in Russia.

As our client sought a CFO in Moscow, Russia; we were prepared to approach this search strategy in several ways. Our alternatives were to consult Amrop Russia, or transfer a highly skilled, internationally trained Turkish CFO to Russia. After a week of analysis and market mapping, we suggested to the client that the new CFO would have to be a Turkish national with MNC experience, and preferably one who had lived and worked in Moscow who was comfortable working in Russian. Having agreed this with the client, it took us four weeks to introduce four qualified candidates who met exactly the same specifications. The client ended up hiring two Turkish expatriates – a CFO and a CMO and HR from bluechip companies. Amrop assisted with their contract negotiations in depth, and mediated between the client and the candidate.