Non-Governmental Organization– Government Affairs Manager

In 2010, for our client, an NGO, we were requested to search for a lobbyist/communicator located in Ankara. This potential candidate would be responsible for communicating effectively on priority issues of the industry with middle to high level authorities such as Ministers, Undersecretaries & Deputies, other bureaucrats, particularly at the Ministry, and the Parliament, and all decision making and influencing public institutions, such as Treasury, Foreign Trade.

It was a critical role due to the fact that the NGO is forceful in shaping the policies of the government regarding its sector policies in Turkey. During the process we have evaluated industry professionals such as ex-General Manager, Sales & Marketing Directors, Regulatory Affairs Directors consultancy companies as well as the Ministry officers, NGOs related to that industry as well as active university lecturers with high exposure to government bodies.

As a result, Amrop identified and attracted the right-fit candidate, through an international joint program with the related Ministry. This illustrates to what extent Amrop’s effective and in-depth research can reach and fulfill the client’s needs in the best way possible.