Pharmaceutical Company - Medical Director

Our client was a multi-national pharmaceutical company, one of the biggest players in the global pharmaceutical market. Amrop was asked to find a new Medical Director possessing a strong mixture of scientific and commercial skills, who would more specifically be undaunted by the challenge of accommodating a business mind compatible with his/her medical knowledge. Referring to our established business relations and proven success record within the Turkish pharmaceutical sector, the client chose to work with Amrop.

Based on an initial analysis of the competitive picture in Turkey, Amrop conducted an A to Z search within all the pharmaceutical companies in the country, identifying medical executives deemed to match the exacting requirements. In line with the principle of "360° search", professionals working on international assignments abroad were also screened; Amrop met candidates from all over Europe.

Amrop identified and attracted four qualified candidates. The chosen candidate was a Business Unit Manager with experience as a Medical Director in a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Accordingly, the selected candidate possessed strong managerial experience through that position, as well as competent commercial acumen.

This assignment illustrates how Amrop's insight into the client and its industry delivers a perfect solution where the candidate exceeds the client’s expectations.