Prestigious Local Retailing Company – CEO & Other Top Executive Positions

Based on Amrop Turkey’s high esteem in retailing industry by virtue of its proven track record of the completed projects and its strong network, Amrop Turkey was recommended to seek top-level executives. However, even the company has significant reputation in the market, it was also challenging to attract successful professionals due to the fact that it was owned by a charismatic and hands on boss.  

As a first step of this partnership, Amrop Turkey spent considerable time with the company owners to understand their vision and future perspectives as well as their expectations from the professional management. As a second step, Amrop Turkey held management assessments with each and every first-line professional of the company in order to understand the culture, strengths and weaknesses of the company.  Afterwards, Amrop Turkey defined the job descriptions in collaboration with the client, emphasizing that the candidates experience could stem from either retailing or other relevant sectors; harmonized with his/her familiarity in family-owned company cultures and change management know-how.

Amrop Turkey identified and attracted five qualified candidates in five weeks period. The client company had some difficulty choosing the right candidate as all of the candidates were truly matching the  requirements. Accordingly, the client company recruited two of the five shortlist candidates as Assistant General Managers who have been working with the company with success and fulfillment.

Thanks to Amrop Turkey’s successful results and open and trust-based relationship with the client company, Amrop Turkey was approached to seek and place their CEO. Amrop Turkey is close to end up that mission successfully as well.

This assignment illustrates how a combination of Amrop’s industry specific know-how and its thorough insight into the company's culture resulted in the candidates matching all of the requested criteria. It is also an illustration of Amrop’s long-term partnership with the client company.