Retail Company - Top Executives

Aware of the high esteem which Amrop Turkey is held in the Turkish retail industry by virtue of its successful track record of completed projects over the years and its strong network, a professional in the retailing industry recommended Amrop Turkey to seek a Finance Director for an international retailing brand, which was in the process of entering the Turkish market with a partnership with one of the prestigious Turkish retailing companies.

The Finance Director would have a heavy responsibility to coordinate the legal set-up of the company as well as its financial set-up. In collaboration with the client, Amrop Turkey defined the job description, emphasizing that the candidates would need years of practical finance and operational experience from retailing industry, preferably with start-up experience.

Amrop Turkey identified and attracted five qualified candidates. The assignment was solved within the space of five weeks, and a candidate with a strong background in finance and operations management in the same sector was selected. The candidate also possessed start-up experience in an international company. The client company had some difficulty choosing the right candidate as all of the candidates were top notch professionals in the retailing sector, who truly matched the position’s requirements.

Following this assignment, Amrop Turkey was contacted by the Regional HR Director concerning a search for all top executives of their start-up company in Turkey, including Retail Manager, Marketing Manager and IT Manager positions. All assignments were resolved within the space of 6 weeks, and candidates with strong professional experience within international retailers were selected.

This assignment illustrates how a combination of Amrop’s industry specific know-how and its thorough insight into the company's business area resulted in the candidates matching all of the requested criteria. It is also an illustration of Amrop’s long-term partnership with the client company.