Small Domestic Appliances - Sales Director

Amrop Turkey was assigned to an executive search assignment to find a Sales Director for a Europe-based multinational Small Domestic Appliances firm focused on the key account channel in the market in addition to the traditional channel and the private shops. The challenge for the client was to assign the current Sales Director to an international assignment, but no successor within the organization was able to replace the existing director.

The new Sales Director would be given considerable responsibility to develop sales and marketing strategies, and manage, maintain and expand revenues. One requirement of the candidate was that he or she should be able to coordinate the strategies of the key account channel with those of the traditional channel together with the strategies of private shops, while not to harm the sales volume at each channel.

In collaboration with the client, Amrop Turkey defined the search strategy as focusing on the professionals primarily working for multinational and local companies in the home appliances, small domestic appliances, durable consumer goods industries as well as other companies operating in the FMCG sector with strong key account sales organizations.

For this assignment, the candidates were required to have key account experience preferably with a strong background in the other channels in order to be able to coordinate key account activities with the other sales channels. Amrop Turkey also suggested that a candidate with trade marketing experience in addition to sales experience in these channels would bring more success in order to create synergies between the sales and marketing departments.

Furthermore, the client placed importance on the ability of the new Sales Director to adapt to the company culture, as most of the existing employees had been working with the company for a long period of time amid concern that there could be problems in accepting new Sales Director’s leadership. The new Sales Director was required to possess good leadership and communication skills in addition to extensive experience in sales.

Within a 4 week period, Amrop identified 5 qualified candidates for the position with direct experience in Small Domestic Appliances and FMCG industry. Two of the candidates were shortlisted by the client and Amrop Turkey advised the client to focus on one of the candidates with extensive experience of key account and the traditional channel as well as the professional channel and trade marketing in the FMCG industry, even though the other candidate had strong direct experience in the Small Domestic Appliances industry. Amrop Turkey believed his leadership and communication style would also prove a good fit for the client’s expectations.

This assignment shows how Amrop Turkey determines its search strategy by evaluating the needs of its clients in terms of professional fit as well as cultural fit.