Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate Industry has become a basis for judging the economic performance of a country. Even though, it has been strongly affected by the credit crisis and recession that began in December 2007 all around the world, it is still a booming industry especially in the developing countries. Among them, the Turkish construction and real estate industry is one of the leading, most competitive and dynamic industries in the world. Also, green construction is an area that is getting increasingly popular and involves making buildings as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible by using more recyclable and earth-friendly products.

Over the years, Amrop has recruited executives for Construction and Real Estate industries globally. Real Estate professionals involved in construction, development, property & asset management, leasing, finance and accounting, marketing, and sales positions have been placed with very high retention rates on all professional placements.

All three major segments of the Real Estate and Construction industries namely General Construction (residential, industrial, commercial, and other buildings), Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction(build sewers, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels), Specialty Trade Construction(carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical work) were covered by our recruiting activities.

With Amrop's Context Driven approach to executive search we find and attract exceptional leadership talent to fit the strategies, culture and environment of our clients in the Construction and Real Estate Industry to enable their fast and sustainable growth.