Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is a tool to help ensure organizational success at the top three levels of the organization. By gaining an appreciation of their resources, development needs and capacity to deal with key strategic issues, our clients are much better placed to understand and plan for issues related to leadership and succession planning. Leadership Assessment by Amrop Consultants allows companies to benchmark their internal resources with the market at the local and global level.

As Amrop Turkey, we assess the candidates with “Next Leader Model” and “Basic Leader Model”.

Based on the required competencies of today’s digital world, these models identify and assess the leaders who will contribute to the future development of the organization. With these assessment models we question leader’s expertise, know-how within the industry as well as his ability to develop and manage a strong network and cooperation both in local and international markets, within the organization and  the ecosystem.
We take into consideration the competencies of the Digital Area which are Participative Commitment with Vision, Individualization and Entrepreneurship. Also  this model can further be enriched with the corporate competencies of our clients. 

During our assessment projects, we also support our model with personality inventories, role-plays and case studies in order to make a 360 degrees evaluation of the candidates. 

Amrop Leadership Assessments are particularly useful in situations relating to changes in senior management, succession planning, mergers or acquisitions, identification of senior executive development needs and to highlight areas of organizational strengths and weaknesses.