360 Degree Headhunting developed by Amrop Hever means to find the right suitable candidate without overlooking any particulars.  Managing partner of Amrop Hever Group in Turkey, Associate Professor Yeşim Toduk Akiş characterizes 360 Degree Headhunting as the quality standard for executive search and placement sector. Akiş stated that the research is not solely composed of connections and database but a vigorous research is conducted both in and between sectors for a position.  Akiş mentioned that the first step in the analysis is to recognize the company to a full 360 degree to determine correctly the need and she continued: “Amrop Hever is in constant contact with successful professionals of all levels all around the world.  With one-to-one interviews, we are not only analyzing candidates’ professional background but also their personalities, expectations, success stories and goals as well.  “Good Company Consulting”s manager Professor Çelik Kurdoğlu says that the main goal of Turkish companies in a restructuring cycle is to increase firm’s value in line with the developments in the world, which is interconnected with the management’s quality and continues on: “With the strategic partnership that we have established with Amrop Hever, we will prove the success of 360 Degree Headhunting in determining the Board of Directors.