How is a General Manager or CEO found in Turkey?

When a company needs a new employee, or Manager, what needs to be done is obvious. The Human Resources Department gets involved, after advertisements, evaluations and consultants the new candidate is found. However I realised that many people are curious about how companies find their "General Managers" or "CEO's". I asked the methods of finding top level executives to companies especially to big holdings to the "Head Hunters".


International firms, in the process of finding a General Manager definitely use consulting firms. However in Turkish firms the situation is somewhat different. Kemal Alver from K Partners says "The big Turkish Holdings when searching a General Manager use 70% their network.". Yesim Toduk Akis from Amrop has a similar judgement. Akis states that "family companies less than a worth of 100 billion dolars use their own relation networks".


In the databases of "Executive Search" companies, there is the CV's and informations of many Managers. But when the post is going to be for a General Manager they do not stick to the existing candidates in their list. Yeþim Toduk Akis states "We find out in which company or sector the ideal candidates can be. We start investigating the possible candidates, General Managers, Vice General Managers or Directors in the target companies". During the positioning of Ali Danýþ, the General Manager of AC Nielsen Akiþ states that they have evaluated the CV's of 237 people. In this process they have made 60 phone calls and explained the position to 10 candidates


The decided names are contacted in great secrecy. The position is described and the ones interested with the offer are invited to an interview. The interviews may be at the office or time to time during a business lunch. Orhan Kemal Alver explains "The candidates that are introduced to the company are at an average of 4-5 in the world."


The candidates selected from this bunch is introduced to the president whom Turkey is connected either in Turkey or abroad. Yeþim Toduk Akiþ explains "We have sent a General Manager candidate for the Pharmaceutical Industry to USA last month and he had an interview there with 12 people". In Turkish firms however the interviews are done mainly by the company partners or executive board chairman. If any consultmant is taken the salary negotiations is never done directly by the Manager and company. The final offer for the salary is handed written to the candidate.