360 degree headhunting provides a different expansion to Human Resources. Thanks to this technique, headhunters while determining the right name for the position succeed to hit the right person.

The cliché saying ‘The most important asset is human resources’ which is not even argued by West anymore and which is accepted by every corporation that describes itself as contemporary in Turkey determines the human and the human resources’ importance. To make the available human resources more efficient, without making a differentiation by large or small, every corporation slowly put the different methods that are applied to increase the employee performance on the agenda. Amongst these methods one of the common one is 360-degree performance appraisal. If we leave the right arguments beside that state when 360-degree performance appraisal is being misused, it may cause chaos within the organization, when a systematic study is being carried out, 360-degree performance appraisal yields effective results. This method names a new field ‘360 degree headhunting’. As known, in Turkey executive search business is being carried out in a disorganized manner. Besides the ones that have international partners, the small local ones that are operating in this field exist.

It is not that easy to determine for the organizations for whom to apply for their needs in recruiting the right people for the right positions and using the current available human resources efficiently. In fact, by selecting among the alternative executive search companies, the job is not considered to be done. Is the person that is suggested by the headhunter firm really the right person? To acquire the answer of this question, time is needed.  And for the companies, they do not have the luxury to waste time. Then, is it possible to talk about sectorial standards in executive search business? Amrop Hever that applies ‘360 degree headhunting’ for the first time in Turkey claims that they convey standards to this sector. We have talked with the Managing Partner of Amrop Hever Group Turkey, Yeşim Toduk Akiş about 360-degree headhunting. 

There is no one that has not been noticed or missed

In 360-degree performance appraisal, the target is to understand the employees’ performance fully, just as in 360 degree headhunting the aim is to acquire the perfectionism in recruitments.   Yeşim Toduk Akiş emphasizes that the key word is research for 360-degree headhunting. Akiş states that in this system, the research is not carried out only by connections and database and affirms the phases of the research as: “While searching for a position, we do sectorial and intersectorial research. In this search, while identifying the structure of the related sectors, target companies, organizational structures, we do determine the appropriate candidates and the positions in their companies.  When deemed necessary, the research is developed by searching thoroughly the appropriate overseas profiles. The Turkish professionals that have the similar work experiences or those want to work in Turkey are included in the search process as well. 360 degree headhunting gives the following guarantee to the customer: ‘ We have assessed all the professionals those live in Turkey and are ready to live in Turkey for the related position.’ With the in-depth research that is carried out, we make our customer to believe that we have assessed all the potential professionals.” In fact, it is a pretentious guarantee since in Turkey where people make frequent career changes and where the turnover ratio of the companies cannot be regarded as low. Though, Akiş says that Amrop’s expertise is its guarantee on this issue. 

Everything is defined

Yeşim Toduk Akiş states that in Turkey the problems between the executive search companies and the client companies emerge because of limited research. After a while, Akiş states that both the client company and the person that is being replaced for a new job are dissatisfied. Akiş claims that 360-degree headhunting ensures that the likely mistakes are removed. Akiş defines 360 degree headhunting as ‘a standard system that consists of defined criteria’ and explains the important spot as “360 degree headhunting is a service standard.  It can be also explained by ‘a quality standard on behalf of the executive search and placement sector’. In Turkey, the result of headhunting is considered as abstract. In fact, this job yields measurable results. 360 degree headhunting is a quality guarantee. We define this method as a partnership that has a standard and a measurable outcome”.  

“The confidentiality is a difficult principle”

The group that makes a difference in the companies may be named, as the leader group as well, is the general managers, the executives that are reporting to the top management and the board members. Akiş points out that the selection of these people should be considered as a long-term investment, the method that is being applied may affect the accuracy of the selection. Akiş states that the selected executives sign the projects that lead the company’s future plans therefore they need to have good leadership competencies. She states that for the professionals that consider making a career change, an important problem is the violation of the confidentiality principle. 360 degree headhunting ensures the confidentiality and the reliance. Akiş states the principles as follows: “In 360 degree headhunting, the ethic values continue after the project is completed, during the project phase the candidates and clients details’ that are shared with Amrop may not be used. For two years time, our clients’ employees may not be replaced or headhunted for another client”. Then, when is the candidate informed regarding the client’s name and the project details? Akiş determines that project and the client’s details are kept confidential during the project, and at the final phase with the right candidate the information is shared. In the system, the client’s name is kept confidential, also to the client; the candidates that are conducted interviews over the phone or in the office are only mentioned as a profile up to a certain time. 

How does the system work?

For the client; in the first step, the company culture, business targets and the working style are investigated in a detailed way.
At the project meetings, not just the position, also the competitors are examined.
During the research, the external comments on the company and the position are shared with client.
After the shortlist presentation, we accompany to the meetings that take place between the client and the candidates.
The position is examined once more to develop its structure within the organization.
The team that the candidate is going to work with is examined.
In the event of replacement, the contract preparation, signing, determination of the salary process, Amrop acts as a problem solver to avoid unevenness.
For the candidates; to get to know the candidate, the first step is the interview that is conducted over the phone. And in the face-to-face meetings, not just the professional background of the candidate, but also the personality, the expectations, the success stories and the business targets of the candidate are analyzed.
Not only the previous work experience is taken into consideration. The competencies, the skill sets, the personality is assessed whether they will fit to the client’s company culture, and the report is prepared and presented to the client.
The progress in the job is followed up frequently.
The reference checks are considered as really important. The reference checks are accomplished as 360 degree as well, meaning the references are conducted from the candidate’s supervisor, the subordinates and the colleagues.