For the first time in the world, ‘360 Degree Headhunting’ pioneered by Amrop Hever Turkey affirms a new quality standard to the understanding of the service of Human Resources sector. The Managing Partner of Amrop Hever Group Turkey Doç. Dr. Yeşim Toduk Akiş and her strategic partner Prof. Dr. Çelik Kurdoğlu, the Partner of İyi Şirket Danışmanlık A.Ş. enlightened this new approach in Human Resources, stated that they would like to compose added value to the sector. Akiş describes 360 Degree Headhunting as a quality standard in executive search and states ‘As Amrop Hever Group Turkey by ‘360 Degree Headhunting’ we give assurance and we determine the criteria to assess the service quality in executive search’. The partner of İyi Şirket Danışmalık A.Ş., Prof. Dr. Çelik Kurdoğlu stated that for the Turkish companies in the process of reorganization, the main target is to increase the value of the company.