The Partner of the Amrop Hever Group, which is an international HR consultancy firm specialized in executive level, Yesim Toduk Akis says that there is not any seasonality in senior recruitment to be observed and she comments: “In employment there are some special periods for companies. For example in automotive sector that is the end of the year. For retail sector holidays, opening and closing periods of the schools and summertime are the periods when recruitment increases. However in the senior level there is not any seasonality.

Since it is difficult to find the manager who has the right leadership skills, companies employ at the time they find the right person. Companies should be carefully examine their today’s as well as prospective needs in their recruitment process so that they are not forced to dismiss those individuals at the time they face to another crisis.

There was not any planned action in the  recent unemployment in Turkey because of the instantaneous developments in the market. Decisions have been made mostly based upon social responsibility. For instance if two people worked in the same family they are dismissed more easily or the income level of the family has been considered in the decision process. However there is a  common application in the world which we think to become widespread gradually in Turkey. In this system the management team of a company is continually observed and the investment policy on those individuals within this team is determined.

Ideal Months for a Positional Change

The Amrop Hever Group Partner Yeþim Toduk Akis says that the managers who are planning to change their position should be careful about the inflationary adjustments periods in the salaries.

Yeþim Toduk Akiþ: In those adjustment periods there may occur some problems between the manager who aims to change his or her job and the prospective employer. The manager who cannot be flexible in such a situation should make his or her application after having the inflationary increase in the current position.