What Do You Take Into Account When Making a Recruitment?

As Amrop International we conduct executive search mainly for multinational companies. I will mention the interview method I have been using for seven years at Amrop International Turkey office.  Creating the right atmosphere before the interview is a must.  The order of the questions is important and the interviewer shouldn’t ask confusing or manipulating questions. I believe after creating the right environment active listening is essential to understand the career of the candidate. And I always believe natural eye contact and encouraging the candidate to talk enable the interview carry on in a competent fashion. It is important to link the next question to the candidate’s last reply so that the interview progresses logically. I try to take notes during the interview. Generally the candidate is assessed according to some criteria. These can be the skills, competencies and previous work experience of the candidate. Encouraging the candidate to talk and to thoroughly understand his/her career expectations is an issue that I always take into account. I try to analyze the interest areas, success and failure stories of the candidate. It is also important not to be critical over the candidates’ career path.