Yesim Toduk, one of the world's leading leadership specialists, has marked Yilmaz, Çiller, Dervis, Erdogan and Baykal. Dr. Yesim Toduk is the founding partner of Amrop International in Turkey, and her clients cover a broad spectrum of multinational firms. Among the leaders and leader candidates in Turkey, Toduk gives chance only to Kemal Dervis (except his minor mistakes).

She thinks that Tayyip Erdogan, whose party is on the leading position in public surveys, is doing his job very good. However, he has also some weak sides to improve. Erdogan is very successful in forming the team spirit, which is the milestone of leadership, whereas he is lacking in constituting vision and strategy.

According to Yesim Toduk, leadership ability of Ismail Cem, who has not had any concrete success till today, is also not sufficient.Here are the reports of the leaders from Dr.Yesim Toduk, the world's number one headhunter...

Mesut Yilmaz: He is the biggest follower of Türkiye’s membership to European Union but his not giving up smoking is his “impact” mistake. With the cigarette he draws an outdated leader type in the people’s minds. He should give more importance to transparency, as should Tansu Çiller. He should accept that he can also make mistakes like everybody and should be able to express this clearly.

Deniz Baykal: His leadership report is full of bad marks. He draws a young and dynamic politician image with his sportsman personality. His biggest drawback is his uncompromising profile.

Tansu Çiller: That there is almost no exit of parliamentarians from her party can be seen as her premier leadership success. However, her biggest mistake is secrecy. In her prime ministry period, she did not tell the truth to the public against the claims of impropriety. She will be always weak in trust and plausibility, which are the most important conditions of leadership.

Tayyip Erdogan: His success lies in his team spirit. Although Erdogan, who is successful in imposing this team spirit to the people around him, is weak on the themes of vision, strategy and innovation, but has got a high persuasion ability.

Kemal Dervis: His persuasion ability is high, he exhibits a manner like that he can tell what he believes. In order he to be the first man he should constitute his followers.

Turgut Özal: He is a role-model politician. He was very convincing and clear when he was addressing to the people on the TV.

In Leader Development Military is the best

According to Yesim Toduk, the best institution that trains its own leader is the Turkish Army. Toduk, who believes that the soldiers have established an excellent mechanism within the army, says that the promotions in the army are made according to the success principle and this prevents arbitrary decisions.

On the other hand, in the private sector, the leader should always be outstanding. Therefore, in the business world acting in one’s favour is much less than it is in politics.

The British Model
According to Yesim Toduk, the world’s most successful leaders recently are Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, and England is applying the most successful political system. Margaret Thatcher is the most important politician to establish the leadership mechanism. She adds that Turkey’s only chance is lying in the British model. That is, to form a radical structure which will enable successful businessmen to enter into politics. Politicians have short-term point of views. However, a businessman is accustomed to make long-term plans. The most important side of them is that they are more qualified and more successful.

The Criteria of the Modern Politician

He / she should

lead his followers,

have persuasion ability,

have vision,

have technical knowledge and culture,

be an experienced mediator (the one with a high ability to form a coalition has the advantage),

dominate Turkish and world politics,

have an exact understanding about the power balances in politics.