Objectives and Quality Criteria of the Amrop Hever Management Review

Valid results which will contribute to the high acceptance of the process can be guaranteed by following the Amrop Hever objectives and quality criteria in performing a Management Review.

The development of companies on the new economy and their rapid product development show that every company´s management must already plan the future today.
Without this anticipation of the future, a company loses organisational strength for changes and new developments which is vital for its success in the future.
For this reason, the Amrop Hever MR compares the qualifications of  managers with future requirements.

To capture the future requirements of the particular organisation, the Amrop Hever MR will be adapted specifically to the company. In its design as well as its implementation, close cooperation between the Amrop Hever Group and the relevant decision-makers of the client company is required.

With the help of an extensive repertoire of methods, such as the identification of critical incidents and the preparation of interview guidelines along the process chain of the company, it should be guaranteed that the MR is oriented specifically to the conditions and the objectives of the company.
The core components in performing the Amrop Hever MR are, therefore, the presentation and discussion of the relevant business plans of every individual candidate.
According to our experience, this specific presentation and, therefore, analysis of company processes triggers the initialisation and stream of actions which – once started – causes a permanent updating of the strategic and operational orientation of  the company.
Nobody is an island – based on the experience of the Amrop Hever Group, the MR guarantees professional benchmarking. This ensures that the company’s leadership gets an objective picture on its management capabilities.



Mega mergers, friendly as well as hostile takeovers of companies of different cultures and different nationalities are a fixed part of the daily news in our times of globalisation. Changing market situations and new competitive conditions require extensive management decisions. The Amrop Hever Management Review (MR) supports companies and their management in these processes of reorientation of their strategy and personnel policy.

Reasons for a Management Review

The most important reasons for conducting a Management Review in an increasingly dynamic economy are:
a)    Takeovers of companies,
b)    Mergers,
c)    Privatisation,
d)    Strategic changes and restructuring,
e)    Revitalisation and repositioning,
f)    Benchmarking

In all of these cases, the relevant leadership, responsible for a companY´s destiny, face wide-ranging decisions. A MR offers the possibility to make the management potential of a company transparent collectively and individually and helps to establish a secure basis for the evaluation of change processes.

A MR will provide valid answers to questions which decide the future of a company today:

  • “Who are our real performers?“
  • “Where are our high potentials?“
  • “Which Managers can fit into our new strategy for the future?“
  • “Who has what kind of potential for development?“
  • “How good are we in a benchmark comparison with our main competitors?“
  • “Which strategies and measures must be initiated in order to make the present “Human Resources” fit for the future? “

Different from conventional Assessment Centres, the Amrop Hever MR goes beyond the simple evaluation and selection of top managers and leaders. The MR challenges every company not to only question its own management capabilities, but to support the notion of “personal promotion”. For this reason, every MR includes extensively structured and individualised feedback to the participants. In addition to feedback on the individual strengths and areas for potential improvement of a candidate in line with the requirement dimensions, the MR always includes a catalogue of actions to close any gaps. These measures can include, for example, promotional activities on the job, participation in courses and/or coaching. The objective must be to embed the results and the conclusions of the MR in the management processes and objectives – individually as well as for the organisation. If we understand a company as a learning system, detailed feedback is the prerequisite for further development steps and the professional implementation of change processes.

To be able to meet the questions and needs of a particular company, the Amrop Hever MR consists of a portfolio of different components and modules. This set up enables the Amrop Hever Group to offer a customised procedure which always reflects the particular management and the current status of thinking. This avoids a poor adaptation of standardised procedures and their negative effects on the employees of a company.
Depending on the customer’s objectives, the Amrop Hever MR modular system permits every alternative from a short Management Audit through to an Executive Review.
In addition, a portfolio analysis which provides a graphical overview of internal management profile can be prepared for the entire company or the particular departments.