Yesim Toduk Akis was born 39 years ago in Ankara as a member of the Scorpion sign. She started TED Ankara College at age 6, and graduated from the same school at 17. She obtained her second diploma from the South Windsor High School where she attended as an AFS Exchange Student in USA. She has started her university life at the faculty of Industrial Engineering at Middle East Technical University and has graduated from the Business Administration Department of the same university. She has won several Tubitak project prizes as a very curious and hardworking child.

Akis, sees herself as a person with two different professions. "I realized that Marketing Science would be my real profession when I first read Kotler's Principles book. Then I obtained my MBA at the University of Wisconsin and my PhD in Bosphorus University. I have lectured on almost every subject of Marketing in different universities and I still lecture at Bilgi University.

After receiving Assistant Professorship degree in Marketing, I have given organizational consultancy services and trainings to companies.Meanwhile, I received some requests from the clients to fulfill their vacant positions for middle and top-level Managers. These requests were coming from the companies among the top 20 of Turkey, so I happened to join the "head hunting" business with pleasure. In the last 8 years, I tried to do this business along with marketing lecturing in Paris, Brussels and Ýstanbul. I continue to hold the Managing Partner position of Amrop International Turkey office since 1997. Amrop Hever is one of the biggest international "Executive Search and Selection" companies, which operates in 52 countries with 82 offices. I and my partner Fazýl Akýncý, continue our efforts to provide the complete services (360 degrees head hunting) to the global clients".

Akis mentions that despite the economical difficulties in Turkey, the giant companies of the world continue to contact them in order to make use of their services. She works 10 hours a day. She describes her working tempo as "Usually I have my first appointment at 08.30, and I interview and evaluate at least 4-5 executives throughout the day. Furthermore, I am actively researching the right executives systematically. In between hard work, in our office we sometimes make small celebrations and offer rewards like cake or ice-cream to each other. I either have a quick lunch or I have a long lunch meeting with a client or customer." The most rewarding and fulfilling part of her job is to work with the most successfull executives around the world.

As the Managing Director of a company who searches, finds and places the leaders of today and tomorrow, she states the characteristics of a good leader as: "Should be a role model ethically. Should attract followers with the vision that he/she created. Should be convincing not only with his/her charisma but with his/her knowledge, skills and past successes. Should be fair and open, should focus the whole team to a shared goal, should create synergy and individuals should feel their own contributions".