Amrop's Researchers and Associates are integral to our Context Driven approach to executive search. They help to identify, assess, manage and engage the strongest candidates to a successful placement at a client organization. Because Amrop researchers act on behalf of and represent our clients, we maintain high standards of professionalism, confidentiality and quality as our top priorities.

Highly skilled and experienced in dealing with senior executives and conducting nuanced conversations, they are trained to look beyond the essential job criteria to identify the softer skills and personal attributes that lead to a closer fit and to a better appointment for our clients. Amrop Researchers are thoroughly briefed on each assignment and can speak with authority about it. They understand your organization including its products, services, market position and culture.

As with our consulting work, our research networks are global. Ongoing cooperation between our many offices around the world allows us to keep abreast of market trends, share best practices and learn new methodologies. Each year, our Researchers attend our Research Academy in a compelling location in Europe, where they have the opportunity to improve their cross country search know-how, gain new insights and share experiences. Our strong sense of community ensures that at the end of the day we offer our clients truly international scope grounded in local expertise.

Researchers are ambassadors for Amrop, and on each assignment they perform a similar function for our clients. As such, we only recruit the very best. Each researcher is provided with ongoing training and development based around tried and tested methodologies that adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethical practices, carefully tailored to local market environments. Accordingly, they bring advanced use of technology, innate intelligence, creativity, sophisticated communication and professionalism to our organisation.

Our continuous investment in research and development, one of the most intensive in the industry, ensures that our services remain dynamic and market-leading - just another one of the things that set Amrop apart. In line with this approach, we also provide market mapping studies for our clients. Market mapping study aims to provide a better understanding of the related industry of the client regarding the current situation in the market as well as the potential talents in Turkey and beyond. The market mapping exercise entails the profiles in the market based  on  the  discussion  of  the  required  profile  and  contains brief background  information  on  each  profile through which our client gains a sound inside about the market and the competition.